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Odisha Lead by 3 points in Dr (Capt) K Thimmappiah Memorial Cricket Tournament

Bhubaneswar: Odisha on Tuesday gained three points by virtue of taking a 24-run first-innings lead against Himachal Pradesh in their opening four-day match (Zone-A), which ended in a draw at KSCA Alur Silver Oval in Karnataka.

After conceding the lead, Himachal Pradesh declared their second innings at 253 for eight and set an impossible target of 230 for Odisha to win the match out-right. Odisha were 89 for one when the match was accepted as a draw.

Odisha batsman Subhranshu Senapati, who scored 179 off 286 balls helped the team pile up a score of 422 in first innings. Among other notable contributors of the Odisha team in the match were opening batsman Sandip Pattanaik scored 105 runs, while Govind Poddar hit a half-century in the second innings.

Odisha bowler Deepak Behera was most successful with a match haul of five wickets for 86 runs. Suryakant Pradhan took four wickets, while captain Biplab Samantray, Basant Mohanty and Bikash Rout picked up three wickets each.

Match Scorecard:

HIMACHAL PRADESH (1st innings):

Ankush Bains c Rawat b D Behera 59, Prashant Chopra c Rawat b Pradhan 1, Abhimanyu Rana lbw Mohanty 8, Paras Dogra c sub (A Mallick) b D Behera 33, Amit Kumar c&b B Rout 75, Ankit Kaushik b Mohanty 43, Rishi Dhawan lbw D Behera 63, Akash Vashisht (not out) 58, Mayank Dagar lbw Mohanty 1, Gunvinder Singh c Rawat b Pradhan 7, Naveen Kanwar c S Mishra b Pradhan 0; Extras (b-1, w-2, nb-5, Penalty 42) 50Total (all out; 110 overs) 398Fall of wickets: 1-18 (Chopra, 0.5 ovs), 2-46 (Rana, 13.3 ovs), 3-90 (Bains, 23.1 ovs), 4-107 (Dogra, 27.2 ovs), 5-204 (Kaushik, 64.3 ovs), 6-265 (A Kumar, 83.3 ovs), 7-322 (Dhawan, 101.3 ovs), 8-327 (Dagar, 104.4 ovs), 9-356 (Gurvinder, 109.2 ovs), 10-356 (Kanwar, 109.6 ovs)Bowling: Basant Mohanty 29-6-81-3, Suryakant Pradhan 28-3-114-3, Deepak Behera 29-6-67-3, Bikash Rout 8-0-45-1, Biplab Samantray 11-1-27-0, Govind Poddar 5-0-21-0.

ODISHA (1st innings):

Santanu Mishra c Dhawan b Dagar 12, Sandip Pattanaik c Kaushik b Dhawan 75, Govind Poddar b Dhawan 34, Subhranshu Senapati c Bains b Dagar 179, Ranjit Singh c Kanwar b Vashisht 16, Biplab Samantray c Vashisht b Dhawan 26, Saurabh Rawat c Bains b Gurvinder 46, Bikash Rout c Dogra b Dagar 9, Deepak Behera c Dhawan b Dagar 6, Suryakant Pradhan b Gurvinder 5, Basant 4)Mohanty (not out) 0; Extras (b-9, lb-2, nb-3) 14Total (all out; 146.1 overs) 422Fall of wickets: 1-42 (S Mishra, 19.3 ovs), 2-96 (Poddar, 41.6 ovs), 3-173 (Pattanaik, 69.6 ovs), 4-217 (Ranjit, 83.1 ovs), 5-273 (Samantray 103.2 ovs), 6-384 (Rawat, 136.6 ovs), 7-398 (Senapati, 139.4 ovs), 8-413 (Rout, 143.3 ovs), 9-418 (Pradhan, 144.3 ovs), 10-422 (Behera, 145.6 ovs).Bowling: Rishi Dhawan 25-6-85-3, Naveen Kanwar 15-4-47-0, Mayank Dagar 38-14-70-4, Gurvinder Singh 32.1-6-96-2, Ankit Kaushik 4-0-17-0, Akash Vashisht 28-7-79-1, Prashant Chopra 4-1-17-0.

HIMACHAL PRADESH (2nd innings):

A Bains c Rawat b Pradhan 8, P Chopra c Samantray b D Behera 46, A Rana c Rawab b D Behera 39, P Dogra c Poddar b Rout 85, Amit Kumar c&b Rout 4, A Kaushik b Samantray 51, R Dhawan b Samantray 3, A Vashisht c Pattanaik b Samantray 6, M Dagar (not out) 1; Extras (b-8, nb-2) 10Total (8 wkts decl; 54.4 overs) 253Fall of wickets: 1-23 (Bains, 2.5 ovs), 2-85 (Rana, 18.3 ovs), 3-111 (Chopra, 26.6 ovs), 4-118 (A Kumar, 31.2 ovs), 5-231 (Dogra, 51.2 ovs), 6-238 (Dhawan, 52.6), 7-252 (Vashisht, 54.2 ovs), 8-253 (Kaushik, 54.4 ovs).Bowling: S Pradhan 12-2-49-1, B Rout 16-1-94-2, G Poddar 4-1-12-0, B Mohanty 9-0-40-0, D Behera 9-3-19-2, B Samantray 4.4-0-31-3.

ODISHA (2nd innings):

S Mishra b Dhawan 4, S Pattanaik (not out) 30, G Poddar (not out) 55; Extras 0Total (1 wkt, 28 overs) 89Fall of wicket: 1-4 (Mishra, 2.1 ovs)Bowling: R Dhawan 6-2-14-1, M Dagar 9-3-40-0, G Singh 5-1-17-0, A Vashisht 5-2-9-0, N Kanwar 2-0-7-0, P Dogra 1-0-2-0


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