Mr CM, if you want to Act, then Act Now

Bhubaneswar: Not everything seems to be going well so far as Odisha in concerned. One controversy after another has confused the people whether Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is aware of the facts or seems to look the other way and let things happen in the state.

Recent attack on the union textile minister’s vehicle at Bargarh allegedly by Biju Janata Dal (BJD) workers or fraud and corruption by a former Assistant director of the Department of Factories (Medical) Dr. Motilal Gouda has a bearing on the Patnaik led government in Odisha. Chit Fund controversy or the Bramha Parivartan controversy during the navakalevara in Jagannath Temple, Puri or the God Men controversy, it has been alleged and the public also perceives that there has been an involvement by some of his cabinet members or party leaders in all these issues. Yet, is the CM still unaware of these issues?

BJD has 117 seats in the State Legislative Assembly and it is the maximum number of seats held by BJD since the party came to power in the year 2000. With a thumping majority, the people of Odisha had restored faith in the government and expected it to perform in the most transparent manner. But mired with controversies within two years of CM Patnaik’s fourth term in office has raised many eyebrows among various sections of people in the State.

Political observers feel that the CM seems to have become a pacifier and is reluctant to initiate action against the wrong doers. Previously known for his no-nonsense attitude he had instilled fear among the political class within his party and also the bureaucracy but today it seems to have lost that sheen.

With 117 seats the CM should not be hesitant to crack down on his erring men and show them the doors rather than allow corruption, nepotism and complacency flourish under his nose. In politics, twists and turns can happen any moment. Mr Chief Minister, if you have to act and bring your house in order, then act soon before the termites eats into your own foundation.

Sometimes going with the public perception helps regaining people’s trust.


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