Movie Review: Highway (2014)

Starring: Randeep Hooda, Alia Bhatt

Directed by Imtiaz Ali

Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala & Imtiaz Ali

Written by Imtiaz Ali

Music by A. R. Rahman

Cinematography: Anil Mehta

A typical Imtiaz Ali movie which has got everything relevant to the sensitivity of the present generation and prevalent in the current social system. Highway, which is so apt a title for the movie from the beginning to the end. And justifying the character in the movie is Alia Bhatt (screen name Veera Tripathi) with the rustic male Randeep Hooda (screen name Mahabir Bhatti).

The story revolves round a young girl Veera who seeks freedom in her life. Set in the background of her marriage she desires to sneak out with her would-be husband in the night before her wedding day to feel the fresh air in a peaceful surrounding. She urges her would-be husband to drive to the outskirts of the city. Though her fiancé reluctantly drives her out of the city towards the highway Veera is enthralled with the cool and fresh breeze and start feeling a sense of liberty. Veera’s fiancé stops the car on the Highway at a petrol pump. But little did he know that the pump was being looted by a gang of robbers. In the mean time Veera had already stepped out of the car to the feel the air outside. While fleeing the robbers bump into her and take her as hostage. After forcing her fiancé out of the car they drive her away. Initially they didn’t think of holding her as a captive but the ring leader of the gang Mahabir Bhatti thought of kidnapping her for ransom.  Thus begins the story of a very sensitive girl and full of emotions Alia Bhatt as Veera.

Imtiaz Ali has used Alia Bhatt very well to fit into the character of Veera. Not only Alia even Randeep Hooda has justified his role to the optimum. And the cinematographer Anil Mehta has tried all his skills to make the movie rolling at the theatres successfully.

The story as relevant in today’s society has been well depicted. Imitiaz Ali has tried to bring out the human emotions of both the male and female through the characters. But at times the movie seemed like it had stopped moving forward and suddenly it came to an end. Alia’s scene describing her early childhood has probably touched the heart of many viewers and she has proved that she has loads of talent to prove herself in the future. And Randeep Hooda as usual made a mark.

All-in-all a must watch movie for it has a veiled message for all about women and girls in our society.

© 2014

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