Mother and Child Tracking System in India

New Delhi: Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS) is a web enabled name based system to monitor and ensure delivery of full spectrum of services to all pregnant women and children. The system was introduced about 3 years back. It is currently being implemented throughout the country with active involvement of States/UTs. More than 4.06 crore pregnant crore pregnant women 3.3 crore children have been registered in the system since its inception.

Over 99.5% districts, 96% health blocks, 88% health facilities (other than Sub Health Centres (SHCs) and 94% SHCs are reporting data in MCTS. A total pf 2.3 lakh ANMS are registered in MCTS, of which 2.2 lakh (96.6%) ANM are registered with Phone Number and 8.4 lakh ASHAs are registered in MCTS, out of which 6.9 lakh (82.9%) ASHAs are registered with Phone number.

Everyday approximately 7-8 lakh SMSes are being sent to the beneficiaries carrying useful IEC messages related to maternal and child care, schemes like JSY, JSSK and Direct Benefit Transfer.  Regular Work plants are being sent to ANMs/ASHAs through SMS. Daily SMSes are also being sent to senior officials of GOI and State Governments, Regional Directors, State Coordinators, District Collectors, Chief Medical Officers, District Programme Managers etc. regarding mother and child registration status, service due and delivery status.

MCTS system has been synchronised to Central Plan Schemes Monitoring System to make JSY payments online directly into the beneficiary’s bank account in select pilot districts where the Director Benefits Transfer scheme is being rolled.

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