Maximum Degree Holders in 15th Lok Sabha says Report

New Delhi: The 15th Lok Sabha has seen a record increase in number of post-graduates taking the number of such members to 256 as compared to 157 in 14th Lok Sabha. Infact 15th Lok Sabha has around 78% of the members having graduate, post-graduate or doctorate degree. Number of under-matriculates members has fallen sharply from 112 in 1st Lok Sabha to 20 in 15th Lok Sabha.

Though there is no educational qualification stipulated in the Constitution of India to contest the elections, the emerging trend suggests more and more academically educated candidates are winning the elections. Number of candidates having graduates and higher degrees has gone up from 56% in the 1st Lok Sabha to 78% in 15th Lok Sabha. Number of candidates without matriculation has decreased from 23% in 1st Lok Sabha to around 3% in the 15th Lok Sabha.

Though there were candidates without any formal education whatsoever who contested the elections, 15th Lok Sabha does not have even a single illiterate member. There are as many as 24 members who hold doctorate degrees. Also, a decrease in number of graduates in 15th Lok Sabha has accounted for increase in number of post-graduates and higher degrees. There were more number of graduates and less number of post-graduates in 14th Lok Sabha which has been reversed in 15th Lok Sabha.

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