IOA Send-off to India Rio Olympics Contingent

New Delhi: The Indian Olympics Association (IOA) gave an official send-off to the Indian Olympic contingent for the Rio Olympics. It is the largest Indian contingent of 121 athletes which includes 54 women, to represent India the in great sporting extravaganza to be held in the city of Rio De Jeneiro at Brazil starting from 05 August to 21st August.

IOA felicitated the athletes on Monday and also thanked the government for its support. IOA president N Ramchandran said he is looking forward to the time when the association won’t have to take government grant and will be self-sufficient.

The Union Sports Secretary Rajeev Yadav also said that unlike in the past the government is proactive and are ready to help the athletes in every manner possible including relaxing the disbursement procedure where now 90 percent of money gets disbursed at one time.

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