Hirakud Releases Flood Waters for Second Time this Monsoon Season

Bhubaneswar: As a result of rise in water level in the Hirakud dam reservoir due to heavy rains in the upper catchment areas, two sluice gates were opened on September 7 to release excess water of the dam.

Very heavy rainfall at the upper catchment area of Mahanadi River in Chhattisgarh due to low pressure pushed the water levels up in the reservoir overnight which led to the release of water. According to the officials at the dam, they have opened two gates and after reviewing the situation a decision will be taken whether or not to open more gates.

Around 63,985 cusecs of water entered the reservoir while 23,332 cusecs water was released through spillways, the official added.

Earlier in the last month to be specific on August 5, the dam had released its first flood waters. The dam released 2,75,993 cusecs of water through 17 sluice gates on August 18. As the water level began to fall all gates of the dam were closed on August 22.

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