Covid 19 Cases in India Falls below 6 lakhs for the first time after 85 days

New Delhi: India has achieved a significant milestone in its fight against Covid 19. The active cases have fallen below 6 lakhs for the first time in nearly three months (85 days). India has registered 5.94 lakh active cases today the lowest since 6th August that had registered 5.95 lakh cases.

Presently the active cases comprise only 7.35% of the total positive cases of the country standing at 5,94,386. This has strengthened its trend of steady decline.

The trajectory of the active caseload across different States/UTs has been diverse indicating their efforts and gradual progress in their fight against the global pandemic.

India has also sustained its highest number of recoveries. The total recovered cases stand at 73,73,375. India continues to be the topmost country with maximum number of recovered cases globally. The difference between active cases and recovered cases is consistently increasing and stands at 6,778,989 as of today.

In the last 24 hours 57,386 patients recovered and have been discharged, whereas, the new confirmed cases are 48,648. The national Recovery Rate at present stands at 91.15%. Among 80% of the new recovered cases are concentrated in 10 States/UTs.

Kerala has contributed the  maximum with more than 8,000 to the single day recoveries followed by Maharashtra and Karnataka with more than 7,000 recoveries each.

At least 48,648 new confirmed cases have been reported in the last 24 hours.

Among the cases 78% of these are from 10 States and UTs. Kerala is still reporting a very high number of new cases with more than 7,000 cases followed by Maharashtra and Delhi with more than 5,000 cases each.

Notably, 563 case fatalities have been reported in the past 24 hours. Of these, 81% are concentrated in ten States/UTs.

Maharashtra has reported the highest single day deaths (156 deaths) followed by West Bengal with 61 cases.

India has performed remarkably on fulfilling WHO’s advise of 140 tests/day/ million population. In its Guidance Note on “Public Health Criteria to Adjust Public Health and Social Measures in the Context of COVID-19” WHO has advised this strategy for comprehensive surveillance for suspected cases.

In another row of achievements, 35 States/UTs have exceeded the advised number of tests. The national average of tests per day per million population stands at 844. The figure for Delhi and Kerala has exceeded 3,000. 2020

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