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India Odisha News Plus  (http://www.ionewsplus.com/) is a news portal founded with a simple belief in this world of Internet—to reach out to our readers with authentic, informative, interesting and unbiased news pertaining to the State of Odisha. Our mission stems from the belief that reaching out to our readers with authentic news is critical to our success.

Multiple ties

Team India Odisha News Plus strives to create multiple relationships with Odias and bringing together a large family including those who reside in other parts of the globe. India Odisha News Plus  wants to reach out to each and every Odia with the latest that is happening in their own State by giving them the updated and most important news through the internet. To do that India Odisha News Plus  team members and strategists wear multiple hats, and step into different roles and reinvent themselves 24×7, 365 days and make sincere efforts to reach out to the millions of Odias living in Odisha and around the globe.

Innovation and consistency

Anticipating a dramatic change in online media publication where Internet happens to dominate in the 21st century; India Odisha News Plus  wants to be a part of this digital revolution. So our endeavour is to know the preferences and taste of our readers and accordingly bring to them innovative and comprehensive information factually correct and up-to-date with consistency in quality.

Shares equal platform with all

At India Odisha News Plus, we have no dearth of ideas, yet we believe in the freedom to disagree. It is our belief that by keeping the floodgates of ideation open to all and giving them the opportunity to contribute, we not only strengthen the foundation of our organisation but it also gives equal opportunity and participation to everyone. Our team members and readers are welcome to come forward with any suggestion for the improvement of our news portal India Odisha News Plus. As news keeps changing so do ideas, so keeping the flow of information with the suggested changes incorporated is the key to success for India Odisha News Plus.

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